MEmber Benefits


The Ventura County Contractors Association provides education, construction resources, and professional services to unify the construction industry and the public.

With the support of our Board of Directors and many great members, we have come a long way in such a brief time. We are often asked, “what are the benefits of the VCCA?”, by our members, new and old, businesses looking into joining, and those who support the VCCA in many ways. This guide has been designed with you in mind. We want to serve our members, those who support the construction industry, and the public looking for construction services. We strive to live by our mission statement and have a wide variety of benefits to all those who work and support the construction industry. We serve Ventura County and members outside of our county.



The Ventura County Contractor’s Association has been around even before our incorporation in 1946. We started as the Ventura County Building Contractors Association, founded by nine local contractors and businesspeople. We have been dedicated to the betterment of the construction industry since it was called the Building Industry.
We have contributed to our community in many ways over the years, including but not limited to, making announcements to the public warning of unlicensed contractors, and conserving water, pushing for better legislation to protect the public, and throwing community events for those in the construction industry. We also volunteered to help the military protect our homeland during World War Two if it was necessary. Throughout our history there is a common thread, and that is our dedication to helping our members and our community at large by providing quality contractors and laborers a space to connect with each other and the public.


We provide our all our members with networking opportunities, visibility, education opportunities, free legal counsel and notary services, and discounted rates on group insurance.


Free legal counsel and discounted rates

Resources for hiring and recruitment

Posts on our social media (600+ followers)

Access to free/discounted classes

Access to group insurance policies

Sponsorship opportunities to gain visibility in the industry

Directory listing for the public

Plan Room


Updates on news & laws in CA/ Ventura County

Updates on classes & events available

Recognition for each renewal

Classified Ads

+ more in the works



Every event has opportunities for you to promote your business through sponsorships and prize donations. With each donation your business will be recognized in our emails, social media, and at the specific event.


Does your company bid on public projects?
If so, our plan room is the perfect investment for your company.

  • Comprehensive

    Our plan room assembles all the public projects in the county for you in one convenient place.

  • Statewide

    Not only does our plan room include Ventura County, but it is part of the statewide plan room service. This means that most public projects in the state are on our plan room service.

  • Automatic Updates

    Our plan room will automatically update you when there is a change to a project you have indicated interest in.

  • Private Projects

    Exclusive access to select private projects. Great for general contractors and subcontractors alike.


First Time Members

$ 450
  • Annual membership dues
  • One time $50 administrative fee
  • Optional plan room subscription
    (Free for your first month and $200 yearly)

Returning members

$ 450
  • Annual membership dues
  • Optional plan room subscription $200 yearly


Contractor Organizations

  • Employees can participate in:
    • Events
    • Classes at discounted rates
    • The plan room if you opt in
    • And more (refer to page 5 & 6)

Associate Organizations

  • Same benefits as contractor members
  • Associate members include:
    • Financial Institutions
    • Real estate companies/agents
    • Insurance companies
    • Suppliers
    • Financial service professionals
    • Restaurants


Do you want to be a member of our association? Do not hesitate to reach out to us today if you have questions about our services and membership process.