About Our Association

Our Mission is Clear

The Ventura County Contractor’s Association provides education, construction resources, and professional services to unify the construction industry and the public. 

The Ventura County Contractors Association


The Ventura County Contractor’s Association has been around even before our incorporation in 1946. We started as the Ventura County Building Contractor’s Association and were founded by nine local contractors and businessmen. We have been dedicated the betterment of the construction industry since it was called the Building Industry. We have contributed to our community in many ways over the years, including but not limited to, making announcements to the public warning of unlicensed contractors and conserving water, pushing for better legislation to protect the public, and throwing community events for those in the construction industry. We also volunteered to help the military protect our homeland during World War Two if it was necessary. Throughout our history there is a common thread, and that is our dedication to helping our members and our community at large by providing quality contractors and laborers a space to connect with each other and the public.  

Online Plan Room

Search hundreds of construction projects through our improved online plan room. It is connected to California’s most powerful online plan room network and is backed by the Golden State Plan Service. Aside from this, it has full access to a statewide network powered by 18 of the strongest contractor association plan rooms in California.